Our games have all the following attributes because they are real life experiences.

Sales appeal. Our games appeal to the international tourist market in every country.

The USA has 80 million visitors each year and increasing by 6% annually, our games sell as valuable souvenirs every day of the year.

•Fun! Our games are fun to play because traveling is fun.

•Instant start of Play. They require minimal set-up and have relatively light rules, so players can get into the game quickly. In-game downtime is limited to just 5 minutes.

•Player Interaction. Players are able to affect each other, they also encourage table talk because funny things happen when they travel, the same as when playing the game.

•Meaningful Strategy. Players make meaningful decisions that determine whether they win or lose, and clever strategies have viable pathways to victory with a winner every hour.

•Immersive Experiences. The players are able to imagine that they’re participating in a journey from a travellers story as well as a game, and feel the same excitement in it.

•Solid Mechanics and Rules. Our designs have been devastatingly solid from months of playtesting and revision, and the rules are clearly written and well edited. (see website)

•Innovative Gameplay. All our games are original concepts not variants on what’s been done. 4 other companies have tried to match our games without success, all those games are now extinct.

•Innovative Components. For example, the images on the playing cards are real places of real interest that make the games unique.

•Our Customers. We sell games to International tourists, residents in the country of origin, schools and universities for exchange students and the simple design appeals to all demographics.

•Sells Itself. The travel game concept and design easily sells itself, everyone loves to travel, our aftersales research over the past ten years has revealed 50% of our games buyers purchased two games, one for them and one for another family member.

•Not Uncommon. We have buyers sending games overseas to friends and family, an Aussie doctor who had worked offshore for 5 years sent 19 games to all her hospital mates in Spain. 50 games were purchased by one of our sponsors on the Travel Australia Game board to supply to travel agents in the UK. Schools include our games into the curriculum approved by the NSW Department of Education.

Sales of board games have improved by 45% all over the world since Covid-19 arrived with lockdowns and people confined to stay at home resulting with families becoming closer and having fun together.

Purchase the rights to your travel game to be part of our global expansion!


The World’s #1 Game Show

This new Travel 2 Win TV Game Show format is a fast paced exciting game show where contestants, audience and TV viewers can win BIG prizes and heaps of cash. Played on iPads where each contestant competes against the other for cash & prizes. Many of the questions and image puzzles are included in the worldwide travel games.